One Call Fuel Tanks

One Call Fuel Tanks

If you are dissatisfied with the tank pricing at your new car dealership, and no aftermarket company is making your tank, CALL US NOW! If your tank is out of stock, discontinued or obsolete, CALL US NOW! We specialize in used OEM tanks that are NOT available by parts stores and aftermarket companies

If you can find it at Autozone, NAPA etc., then buy it from them! We won’t even have it. But if you are frustrated and cannot find your tank anywhere, call us and we usually have your tank. Over 10,000 used gas and diesel tanks available, all in good condition.

We specialize in One Call Fuel Tanks!

We are always searching for good quality used gas tanks. Each tank is pressure tested and inspected to ensure there are no holes, no cracks and no leaks. The valves and nipples must all be in good condition, Critical vent lines that are part of the tank must be checked and functioning.

Plastic & Metal Tanks

Plastic gas tanks often have permanent metal parts, often used to lock down the sending unit assembly for a tight seal. They must all be inspected and in good condition to insure a good fit.


Plastic tanks often have metal tabs and locking ring to secure the sending unit that are very susceptable to winter salt moisture. Of course complete metal tanks are even more suseptable to moisture causing rust and sludge. On the exterior of the tank the biggest culpret is salt corrosion. The amount of salt used during winter storms in the northeast and great lakes region is enormous. That salty slush get thrown on top of the tank and sits with nowhere to go. Often the metal tanks are made at the factory in two halves, then welded together. You may find after much corrosion the rust pushing those two halves apart at the seams causing a leak.


Metal tanks of course are very suseptable to moisture damage on the inside of the tank. One of the biggest factors contributing to inside corrosion is old ethanol gasoline left in the tank for extended periods of time. Some cars sit for a couple years without being drivin. Ethanol is made using corn, and contains moisture. That moisture sitting for long periods of time will wreke havoc in a gas tank and begin to cause rust and corrosion. The longer it sits, the worse it gets.

A used 2016 Mercedes with a metal tank that is undriven for 3 years,, is going to have a corrosion problem inside the tank. A 1954 Packard that is driven a few hundred miles every year it’s whole life is going to be clean.

Give us a call with your vin number, so we can insure an exact match to your vehicle. We want to get your car up and running again!