About Us

About Our Company

Our company relies solely on the principle of recycling of used automobile parts.  None of our fuel tanks are produced as an after market product coming out of China or Korea.  We only use genuine factory parts that are original manufacture equipment.  We regret we cannot purchase any parts from individual due to the risk of receiving damaged or non working parts.  All of our parts come from good vehicles that had collision damage in an area not affecting the fuel tank.  We strongly support worldwide programs that promote the recycling of all products, and will continue to support political candidates that share our view.

Last year, the recycling of automobiles represented a conservation of 1.2 million barrels of oil.   Using recycled auto and truck parts not only saves you money, but helps save the planet.

Our fuel tanks are shipped from multiple locations across the country, and can be shipped directly to  a mechanic’s shop.  Our headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.   For our order line for pricing information, select the manufacture on the home page to be directed to our inventory phone number.